Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a perfect fit for your new jeans.  If you have any questions regarding the measuring process, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

While measuring, be sure you are only wearing undergarments.  Measuring over clothes ensures you will get a pair of jeans that fits over your clothes, and we're pretty sure that's not what you're looking for.  Unless otherwise noted, always take these measurements from the body and not from an existing garment. 


WAIST:  Measure at your natural waist, usually the smallest part of your waist. Record this measurement.

*For some, the natural waist is too high of a rise even for a high waisted jean.  In this case, measure around your waist at the desired waistline and record this measurement. If you have lowered your waistline, please let us know when you submit your measurements.  

After you record your waist measurement, tie a piece of string or elastic around your desired waistline.  This will serve as a point of reference for a few of the remaining steps. 

HIGH HIP:  This usually falls around 4-4.5 inches below your natural waist.  If you have lowered your waistline, this may be your new waistline.  

LOW HIP:  Usually between 8-9 inches below your natural waist, measure around the fullest part of your hips and bum.  

CROTCH LENGTH:  Beginning at the center of the elastic or string in front, measure down and between your legs, continuing up the backside to the center of the string or elastic in rear.  If you were looking at this from the side, the measuring tape would have completed a U shape from front to back.  This is measurement is the front and back rise combined. 

*This measurement is the trickiest in the set.  It can be helpful to have a friend help or take the measurement several times to be sure you're getting a consistent result. Don't be afraid to pull the tape taught, though not so tight that you're giving yourself a wedgie. 

INSEAM:  Measure along the inside of the leg where the inseam would run, starting at the crotch and finishing at the desired length.  

UPPER THIGH: Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your upper thigh, usually 1-2 inches below your crotch.

MID THIGH:  Measure the circumference of your mid thigh. 

KNEE:  Measure the circumference of your knee. 

CALF: Measure the circumference of your calf.

ANKLE:  Measure the circumference of your ankle.

OUTSEAM: Measure the outside of your hips and leg where the outer seam would fall, beginning at the string or elastic and ending at the ankle or desired length.