Craft in America

Last night I had the pleasure of catching a local screening of an episode of the PBS show, "Craft in America" at the Fine Arts Theatre here in Asheville.  A group of us went in support of a friend, Libby O'Bryan, who owns and operates a high end cut and sew operation in a neighboring town, who was featured in the episode.   The piece itself was lovely, and the group of us in attendance was a host of makers, including a fine furniture maker, hand bag designer, architect, fine artist, sculptor, fiber artist, and myself.   There are moments in this charmed life when I'm able to look down the table at 8 fine folks shoving tacos in their faces and say, Dang, We live in an amazing place that supports amazing people doing amazing things.  And for this I am ever grateful. 

As icing on the cake, during the final portion of the episode I caught a glimpse of my friend and incredible milliner, Behida Dolic, wearing a pair of overalls that I custom made for her.  The clip is borrowed from an Etsy video portrait that featured her and her work.  I encourage anyone to take the 3 plus minutes they would have blown on Facebook to instead catch a glimpse of this woman doing her thing.  Because she is amazing.